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These awesome 5 C4 Corvettes are all rare and special editions of a fine automobile. They belong to a friend of mine, his personal collection, very nice.

One is a 1993 ZR-1 (Black) the other is a 1991 ZR-1 (White), there's a one of 6 ever produced Callaway Twin Turbo Aerobody convertible (White), and a 1988 Callaway Twin Turbo 1 of 33 produced (White), there is also a 1988 35th Anniversary Supercharged 6.3 liter.

Does Your C4 Corvette Belong on this website?
Sure it does, if you own one and are here on this website then obviously you are as proud of it as I am of mine. Send me your pictures or links to your pictures online and I will add them to this website with all the other Cool C4's. Not only will it be displayed here on this site on a custom built page just for you and your Corvette, but you will have a whole page dedicated to just your Vette, with all the descriptions, and relative information that you want added. Dyno sheets, kill stories, links to the video section with your video(s) and it's all for FREE.

Can I have models with my Corvette?
But of course, this is a website that will be rich in pictures and videos, as well as sounds of our great cars. Send in any pictures of your C4 or others with pretty models and I will post them here. If you have pictures of you and your male, then maybe I should make a section for those as well, for the female C4 It's only fair right? Of course though only bathing suit or clothing pictures will be posted.

Can I send you my suggestions?
If you have an idea of something that you think would be cool to have here on CoolC4, send me an email. I will definitely consider finding out more about it, and will more than likely place it here for all to enjoy. The amount of Corvette related web sites that are available to us is overwhelming. CoolC4 is different, It stands out from the rest. So sit back, surf through this high-performance picture heavy web site and enjoy.

Can I Contact the Other Corvette Owners and Ask Them Questions?
Most pictures and details will  have an email address so that you will be able to correspond back to that individual about their C4 Corvette. This is a cool feature in of itself, so that every car enthusiast will be able to talk to others with the same interests. Most of the Vettes posted here are high performance vehicles, all of them definitely have many hours of work and love put into them, not to mention the money. All the owners are proud, and serious about their cars, and that is why they have them here on the #1 cool C4 site on the Internet.

Welcome to Cool C4 - A C4 Chevrolet Corvette car enthusiasts website. Here you will find things that you will not normally find on other Corvette websites. Lots of videos, kill stories. And a huge selection of fine examples of the C4 Corvettes. This site will be changed and added to a lot in the near future. The content and format will also be changing. Enjoy. ZR1 King of the Hill.  |  Promote Your Page Too
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