Cool C4 1984-1996 Chevrolet Corvettes, America Sports Car. ZR1, Gran Sport, Lingenfelter, Callaway.



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C4 Corvette Burnout at Bowling Green - Go Frank


Corvette leaving some rubber posi marks through parking lot.


C4 Corvette taking off after burnout, nice



13.337 in the 1/4 Red Corvette vs Firebird - Go Mojo Firebird/Trans Am gets the jump off the line, but still not good enough to win against the Corvette.

13.304 - Red C4 Corvette vs C5 Corvette in the quarter - Mojo vs Moose
C4 Chevrolet Corvette in long tunnel 6 Speed good sound
C4 Corvette Tunnel Burnout HUGE - Great sound too!

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This Video section is full of C4 Chevrolet Corvettes. There are the Callaway Corvettes, the Grand Sport Corvettes, Convertible Corvettes, ZR1 Coupes, Roadsters, and many more. You can see burnouts, dounuts, and maybe just some cruising around. There are Lingenfelter equipped Corvettes. There are custom built Vettes, and lots of daily driver Vettes. Here you can see Stroker engines, as well as L83, L98, LT1, LT4, and LT5 engines in different model Corvettes ranging from 1984 through 1996, the C4 collection. A lot of these Vettes have 6 speed manual transmissions which I am partial to, but many come with automatics. Here you can also see nice forced induction rides, including but not limited to prochargers, turbocharged, intercooled, superchargers, and maybe nitrous injection. You'll also see cross fire injection, multi-port injection, sequential mult-port injection, and some carbureted versions as well, beside many other forms of intake versions. Ram air models are somewhat common also.
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