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1995 Corvettes

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This is the Section for 1995 C4 Chevrolet Corvettes. GM continues the C4 Corvettes through 1996, there are 10 pages of 1995 Corvettes, be sure to take a look at all of the pages to see many different colors, wheel combinations, body kits, interiors, engines, tires, exhaust systems and tips on such models as the convertibles, coupes, ZR1, Callaway, Collectors Edition, Grand Sport, and more.










The 1995 exterior was distinguished from 1994 by restyling of the front fender "gill" air vents. A new exterior color, Dark Purple Metallic, was added, but 1994's Copper Metallic and Black Rose Metallic were deleted.

Corvette paced the Indianapolis 500 race in 1995. A replica, Dark Purple and White (convertible only) with special accents, sold 527 units.

Optional Sport Seats had stronger "French" seam stitching. A readout for automatic fluid temperature was added to the instrument display. Out of sight were numerous Velcro straps to reduce rattles, and a stronger radio mount for less CD skipping. A drip tube was designed into the A-pillar weather strip for improved water intrusion control.

The base LTl engine continued with the same 3OOhp and 340 lb-ft torque ratings, but there were refinement 5. Late in 1994 production, connecting rods were changed to a powdered-metal design to improve both strength and weight uniformity. Fuel injectors were revised to better cope with alcohol blend fuels and to reduce fuel dripping after engine shutdown. The engine cooling fan was modified for quieter operation.

This was the ZR-1's last year. Mercury Marine in Stillwater, Oklahoma, completed all LT5 engines in November 1993. Tooling, owned by GM, was removed from Marine's factory and all engines, specially sealed, were shipped to Corvette's Bowling Green assembly plant for storage until needed. Before September 1, 1993, all internal engine warranty repair was done by Mercury Marine. Between September 1, 1993 and December31, 1993, internal repairs were done by Mercury Marine if engines had under 12,000 miles or 12 months service. Chevrolet handled service not performed by Mercury Marine, including all after January 1, 1994. Total 1995 ZR-1 production was predetermined at 448 units, the same as 1993 and 1994. Total ZR-1 production for 1990 through 1995 was 6,939.

Clutch controls in the four-speed automatic transmission were improved for smoother shifting, and its torque converter was both lighter and stronger. The 6 speed manual was redesigned by replacement of the reverse lockout with a high-detent design for easier operation.

The larger brake package, included previously with Z07 and ZR-1 performance options, was included for 1995 with all models. And all 1995's had the latest anti-lock/traction control (ABS/ASR-5) system.

The extended mobility "run flat" tires introduced as a 1994 option minimized the need for a spare tire. So 1995's RPO N84 created a delete spare option which reduced weight and included a credit of $100.00.

Base suspension models had lower front and rear spring rates.

Windshield wiper arms were redesigned with revised contact angles and higher contact force to reduce chatter at all speeds, and lift at high speeds.

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