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1991 Corvettes

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This is the Section for 1991 C4 Chevrolet Corvettes. GM continues the C4 Corvettes through 1996, there are 10 pages of 1991 Corvettes, be sure to take a look at all of the pages to see many different colors, wheel combinations, body kits, interiors, engines, tires, exhaust systems and tips on such models as the convertibles, coupes, ZR1, Callaway, Collectors Edition, Grand Sport, and more.










All 1991 Corvettes had restyled rear exteriors which are similar in appearance to the 1990 ZR-1 because both had convex rear facias with four rectangular tail lamps. Both standard models and ZR-1 also featured new front designs with wraparound parking-cornering-fog lamps, new side panel louvers, and wider body-side moldings in body color.

Despite similar appearance, the 1991 ZR-1 still received unique doors and rear body panels to accept the wide rear wheels. The high-mount center stop lamp for 1991 ZR-1 is continued to be roof-mounted. For all other than ZR-1, the lamp was integrated into the new rear facia.

Base wheels were same size as 1990 (17 9.5), but a new design.

Finned power steering coolers were included with all 1991 models.

A new option, RPO Z07, essentially combined the previously available Z51 performance handling package with FX3 selective ride/handling. But there were differences. In 1990, if FX3 and Z51 were combined, some base suspension components were used to provide an adjustable suspension range from soft to firm. The new RPO Z07 option used all heavy duty suspension parts so the ride adjusted from firm to very firm. Intended for aggressive driving or competition, Z07 was limited to coupes.

The World Challenge race series continued in 1991, but Bowling Green did not build specific Corvettes for the series. All race modifications were the owners' responsibility.

Callaway Twin-Turbo conversions ended with the 1991 model year. Callaway built the 500th twin-turbo on 9-26-91 and subsequent builds were specially badged and optioned (extra $600) as "Callaway 500."

A power wire for cellular phones or other 12-volt devices was added.

A power delay feature was added to all models which permitted the stereo system and power windows to operate after the ignition was switched to "off" or "lock." Power was cut after the driver door was opened, or after fifteen minutes, whichever occurred first.

A sensor utilizing an oil pan float was added to all models. The words "low oil" appeared on the driver information center to signal a low oil condition.

Mufflers were revised for 1991 with larger section sizes and better control tuning of exhaust note. The mufflers had lower back pressure for improved performance, but power ratings were not changed.

The AM band for radios was expanded to receive more frequencies.

The ZR-1 "valet" power access system continued, but was revised to default to normal power on each ignition cycle. The full power light was relocated next to the valet key.

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