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1988 Corvettes

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This is the Section for 1988 C4 Chevrolet Corvettes. GM continues the C4 Corvettes through 1996, there are 10 pages of 1988 Corvettes, be sure to take a look at all of the pages to see many different colors, wheel combinations, body kits, interiors, engines, tires, exhaust systems and tips on such models as the convertibles, coupes, ZR1, Callaway, Collectors Edition, Grand Sport, and more.










Refinements for 1988 included carpeted door sills, solution-dyed carpet, improved "flow through" ventilation for coupes, and a lower, rearward relocation of the parking brake handle.

Engine power remained at 240hp for 1988 models except for coupes with 3.07:1 axle ratios which had 245hp. The Shp increase came from less restrictive muffler which were deemed too loud for convertibles and 2.59:1 axle coupes.

A thirty-fifth anniversary edition Corvette package was available for coupes only. It featured a two-tone exterior of white with black roof bow, white leather seats, steering wheel, special interior and exterior accents, a console-mounted anniversary plaque, special emblems and other distinguishing features. Sales totals 2,050 units.

Chevrolet built fifty-six street legal Corvettes for the 1988 SCCA Corvette Challenge race series. Engines, stock but matched for power output, were built at the Flint engine plant, sealed and shipped to Bowling Green for standard assembly. The cars weren't built in sequence because the Corvette plant built in color batches. Fifty cars were sent to Protofab in Wixom, Michigan for installation of roll cages and other gear. During the season, most engines were exchanged by Chevrolet for new, sealed engines with more evenly calibrated power output.

New six-slot 16x8.5 wheels were standard with P255/50ZR16 tires.

RPO Z51 and RPO Z52 content changed slightly for 1988. Both had newly styled 17x9.5-inch wheels with twelve cooling slots, and 1'275/4OZRl 7 tires. Z51 had higher spring rates and finned power steering cooler as before, but in 1988 it also received larger front brake rotors and calipers. RPO Z51 was limited to manual transmission coupes. RPO Z52 was not restricted.

All 1988 Corvettes had new dual-piston front brakes and parking brakes which activated the rear pads instead of activating small, separate parking drum brakes as in all previous disc-brake Corvettes.

Ratings for the 1988 RPO B2K Callaway Twin Turbo were 382hp and 562 lb.-ft torque.

Automatic transmissions (reworked truck Turbo Hydra-Matic 400s) were available for $6,500. Either Z51 or Z52 suspensions could be specified. Later production with Z52 had Z5l's larger front brakes, mufflers, longer air dams, and steering coolers because RPO B2K triggered these through Special Equipment Option (SEO) Z50. Engines were reworked by Callaway at its Old Lyme, Connecticut shop.

All 1988's had an improved hood support rod and a more efficient, higher capacity air conditioning compressor manufactured by Nippendenso.

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