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1987 Corvettes

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This is the Section for 1987 C4 Chevrolet Corvettes. GM continues the C4 Corvettes through 1996, there are 10 pages of 1987 Corvettes, be sure to take a look at all of the pages to see many different colors, wheel combinations, body kits, interiors, engines, tires, exhaust systems and tips on such models as the convertibles, coupes, ZR1, Callaway, Collectors Edition, Grand Sport, and more.








Friction reduction from roller valve lifters (new for 1987) resulted in a power increase to 240hp, up Shp from 1986's aluminum-head engines.

Center sections and radial slots of 1987 wheels were painted argent gray. 1986 wheel centers were not painted. Centers and radial slots for 1984 and 1985 were painted black.

Convertibles and early coupes had outside mirror air deflectors.

Chevrolet planned an RPO UJ6 low tire pressure indicator option, but the $325 option was on constraint during 1987 due to false signaling problems. However, Chevrolet records show forty-six units sold.

The RPO Z52 package was refined to include structural enhancements developed for the convertible, and a finned power steering fluid cooler.

A new RPO Z52 "sport" handling package combined elements of ZS 1 with the softer suspension of base models. RPO Z52 included the radiator boost fan, Blistein shock absorbers, engine oil cooler, heavy-duty radiator, l6x9.5-inch wheels, faster 13:1 steering ratio, larger front stabilizer bar (except early production), and the convertible-inspired structural improvements for coupes. Z52 was available with coupes or convertibles, automatic or manual transmissions.

The overdrive-engage light was moved from the center-dash area (1984-86) to an easier-to-view location within the 1987 tach display.

The Callaway Twin-Turbo engine package introduced in 1987 was not a factory-installed option, but could be ordered through participating Chevrolet dealers as RPO B2K. Fully assembled Corvettes were shipped from the Bowling Green Corvette plant to Callaway Engineering in Old Lyme, Connecticut., for engine and other modifications. The 1987 Callaway had ratings of 345hp and 465 lbs.-ft torque, and reached a top speed of 177.9 mph with .60 overdrive gearing. The first four 1987 Callaway's used replacement LFS (truck) short blocks, but subsequent cars had reworked production Corvette engines. All 1987 Callaway's had manual transmissions and none were certified for California sale. Of 184 twin-turbo's built in 1987, 121 were coupes, 63 were convertibles.

Electronic air conditioning control (RPO C68) became an available option for coupes and convertibles in 1987; in 1986, it was coupe-only.

New 1987 convenience options included and illuminated vanity mirror (D74) for the driver's visor, and a passenger-side power seat base (AC 1). Twin remote heated mirrors became available for convertibles as RPO DL8. The heated mirrors were included with the heated rear window in the RPO Z6A defogger option for coupes.

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